Why is he texting me less?

I met a guy about three weeks ago. We've been hanging out, and it's really good when we hang out. He always ends each hang out by making sure he'll see me again.

He's moving away somewhere 5 hours away in January, and my assumption is that he doesn't want a relationship. He has not explicitly said he doesn't want one, but it seems to go without saying that he won't want one. I've joked about having a future boyfriend and dating other people and he has not cared at all. He hasn't hinted at a relationship or anything like that. He is, however, a "go with the flow" kind of guy and I think that he is testing the waters sometimes.

He stopped texting me all the time recently after I went to Vegas. He is still texting me, just much less. He did say he wants to see me and he invited me out to his birthday with his friends. It's the first time I'll be meeting them. It isn't as if he doesn't want to see me again.. I think. So why is he texting me less all of a sudden?
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Oh and I have been texting him consistently. He's just replying much less when he would reply immediately and all day before.
Why is he texting me less?
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