If a guy I'm pursuing is only living in my city for four months is it still worth it to date him?

Met a guy online that lives 2 1/2 hours away from me usually but is living in my city for fours months. I'm going on a date with him tomorrow and if all goes well I could see myself pursuing a relationship possibly. Is it worth it knowing that it could turn long distance? Or should I not worry about it for now? Mainly asking because I hate investing myself in something that isn't worth the time


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  • Just because a relationship might be short, doesn't mean it can't be perfect.

    • But does it have to be short? Do you think it could work after he leaves?

    • You want a happy ever after. That's fine, but it's stopping you from fully living in the moment and seeing this for what it is - an opportunity to maybe experience something truly amazing. If it's really truly amazing, does it matter if it lasts only a day or a week or a month or a century?

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  • If he's definetly coming back then yes but If he's not don't start a relationship with him


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