When should I tell my family about a guy I'm dating?

I'm only 17 but live on my own. My mom has always been one to worry and check in often. is it wrong to avoid telling her about a first couple dates in case nothing comes out of them or to tell her I'm spending time with a friend she knows? Just don't like family always hanging over who I'm talking to or dating especially if nothing is to come out of it. So when is the right time to bring up I'm talking to/dating someone?
  • Before the first date
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  • After 1-2 dates
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  • When it becomes more official
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  • Only tell the family when the relationship is official. Otherwise they have no reason to know (outside of the basics of your whereabouts in case of an emergency).


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  • Why are you on your own at 17?

    • Almost 18 and needed to live closer to university!

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    • She just feels like she is entitled to know everything and it gets overbearing

    • Then don't say anything..

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  • The girl I'm dating now told her family before the first date. I still haven't told my family.

    Decide what you're comfortable with.

  • I don't even want to know anything about anyone my family's dating before it's official


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