Please Help me analyze this girl I like in high school?

So I followed this girl I like on instagram at around 10pm and I am 110% sure she saw it, but her profile was private and the next day after school and it was the last day of school she followed back. The whole year we didn't talk to each other. Is she intrested or no?


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  • I don't think she is interested because if she was she probably would've wanted to talk to you a long time ago before. sorry I mean there's somebody out there better for you.


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  • Tbh probably not She probably saw your account and was like "oh he goes to my school" and followed you. But it's not too late start talking to her

    Start liking her post (not all of them)
    start posting some things she post to make it look like you have a lot in common
    she will start liking your post
    and you could reply "thank you"
    and go from there. soon enough one of you will feel comfortable enough to break the ice and then you could tell her how you feel


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  • Half and half, maybe she probably found you appealing and decided to just follow back since you didn't look like a creep but doesn't mean she's going to have sex with you, I recommend trying to talk with her... And don't say the lamest thing a guy can say "Hi" and if she doesn't respond back to your well thought out mating call then she's not interested :/

  • she followed you on insta and you think she likes you as a boyfriend
    what. the. fuck. no


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