Move or stay? I am confused?

Should i move out away from my hometown or locate to a bigger city? i lived here for 23 years at home and im SICK, im depressed. I want a change and move to a bigger city, but i dont have family over there and i don't know anyone over there so i will be completely alone, especially over the weekends. But i hate this town too, i barely have friends, its small, not much to do and i dont know what to do anyore, when im here i feel no motivation to do something with my life... i know everyone, should i give my hometown another chance or say goodbye for good, i have been thinking about this for months, time to make a choice, im a woman by the way.
but i dont like the other city, its just that it is a change


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  • Nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes, probably should do it, you could always go back


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