Guys do you like girls playing hard to get?

So guys questions for you.
1) do you like the chase? Or do you like girls to be up front & play no games. (Truthfully)

2) do you loose your interest when you realise the girl likes you back?

I was dating a guy who came oh really strong to begin with & I matched his efforts. I'm not one for playing games. We had a great time on our last date. He told me he liked me & I said it was mutual. However these last couple of days he's been distant on text, he takes ages to respond & doesn't seem like himself. No flirting/joking like before. He's been working long hours & I know he's exhausted so not sure if this is why his mood has changed. I asked him if he wanted to do anything Friday if he's not with the guys (pub night) I suggested chilling at mine with a take away & he said if he doesn't go out, then yeah it sounds really nice.

So guys help? If the case is he's lost interest how do I get it back? Do I pull back like him & get him to chase me? How do I get the attraction back? Or is he really just run down?


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  • 1) No, I just LOATHE chasing. Not worth the effort at all.

    2) If she expects me to chase, then yeah, I lose interest sooner than she'll know.

    Considering your particular case... there can be various reasons for his behaviour. You don't have to play hard to get, but don't pin your hopes too much on him.

    • Could it be from work? He didn't say no or maybe to hanging out? I've given him some space & ended the last two conversations & he's carried them on.

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    • Do I ask him if everything is alright? And if he ever needs someone to listen im there? Or do I ask him in someway if he is loosing interest,

    • Just let him know subtly that you are there for him if he is going through some issues, or just needs someone to confide him. But try to avoid directly asking him if he is losing interest.

  • Guys don't loose intrest because you show intrest. I don't know why girls think this. If you don't show intrest you loose him for sure.
    He either is not sure how to proceed after the initial explosion or he is afraid his showing too much intrest will push you away or he did loose intrest after getting to know you a little better.
    The common pattern in guy/girl dating used to be: a guy shows intrest. A girl reciprocates. Guy asks for a few dates and shows lots of intrest. Girl reciprocates. Guy pulls back on showing too much intrest to give girl breathing room and time to figure out if she really likes him. She discovers she does and shows lots of intrest. Relationship starts. This is the natural pattern of dating. This way she knows he likes her because he persued. He knows she likes him because she is now perusing him.
    Now a days things have gotten muddled up and with the games many girls play like hard to get, chase me like its the first part- forever, ignoring, show no intrest, and checkers, has confused guys and girls. Who the hell shows intrest, when, how much? Is her ignoring me showing me she really likes me or hates my guts?
    He may just be naturally pulling back a little to give you wiggle room. He may be unsure how to continue.
    So you now shift into pursuit and keep showing him you like him and he will regain his footing. He will know you do like him and will resume the romance.

    • Oh and guys hate the chase. You must reciprocate. You want to be chased you will usually push him away. Being chased used to be about sex. Getting a date and a girl to like you was the easy part. Getting her to sleep with you was the hard part. Now girls give away sex super easy and so now want to make the chase about getting dates or intrest. That just pushes guys away.

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