We had a great few days away, but now he wants to have a talk?

Me & my friend went to stay at our close friend's house for a few days.
I have also been sleeping with this guy secretly.
We had the best time just hanging out together, got too drunk (he held my hair for me), sneaky sex when everyone was asleep & make out seshions in the kitchen when people weren't around.
The day we left we were kissing & he stopped & said "I really like you", i said it back.
He didn't want us to go. He hugged me goodbye as we left & went to kiss me but our other friend was looking
Before this he messaged me every day & he messaged me last night when we got home.
Last night he messaged that we needed to have a 'big talk' when he came back to uni.
I worried & he said 'it's not bad'.
I haven't heard from him at all today.
I don't know why he isn't messaging or which direction this talk is heading in...


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  • try to relax and not worry about it too much.


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