Poll: Is dating as a teenager worth it?

Yesterday I overheard two teenagers talking. The boy said, "I don't like ~whats a name~, she didn't watch me skate. She just stayed on her phone." The girl said, "I watch you skate."
Honestly, I don't want to spend my teenagers years chasing Tony Hawks and Justin Beiber. I wouldn't even want to date a guy who skates in his 30's... Why would I want to now?
Being a kid is awesome! You get to leech off your parents' and act like a baby. They don't care as a long as you're not pregnant. Why rush your childhood?


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  • It is, unless you want to grow into an adult with social skills of a towel hanger.


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  • Because you aren't a child anymore. You are a teenager who is suppose to be learning how to be independent. I've been in the same relationship for 2.5 years and I'm quite content.

    • Dating doesn't make you mature or older
      Standing on your feet and knowing you'll be okay single makes you mature and independent.
      You don't have to date to gave social skills. In fact that's what friends are for.
      I am a child. :3

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    • You asked for an opinion and I gave an extremely valid one so don't be butthurt about it

    • 'Vaild', as in dude, snobby, disrespectful and noisy.

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  • Don't worry all those habits will wear off when they grow up.


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