How to get my ex boyfriend to snap me first on snapchat?

We snap chatted twice since the breakup and that was all yesterday. But the thing is that I was the one to send the snaps first. So what do you think I should do to get gim to snap me first so that then I can answer HIM back? I would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks xoxo :)


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  • Ummmm you can't and this seems kinda petty

    • Yes I suppose it does. But the fact is that he likes to play games and I hate that. Is it so wrong that I just wish to have a conversation with him where I'M not the one to start?

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    • It appears as though he doesn't want to be friends now. So stop messaging him. If he wants to talk he'll let you know

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Find someone new... there is a reason why he is your ex... something didn't workout earlier... and quiet possible won't workout this time either...

    • I am dating new people, but he used to be my best friend and I simply miss talking to him.

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    • Yes I know you're right and I didn't want it either. But it felt nice to talk to him when he snap chatted me back...

    • You miss him... I know... but he doesn't... else he would still be in touch don't you think?

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