Been dating a girl who I like, think I've messed it up?

Hi there thanks for reading this in advance and thanks to those who reply

Well I've recently been dating/texting a girl I like and weve been out twice now and had really good times when we have been out and get on like a house on fire.

She has said that she likes me and finds me more interesting each time we meet etc and has said she wants to get to know me more.

Now it just feels a little bit weird to me not like any other girl I've been texting/dating, she doesn't text me too much really and sometimes doesn't reply for ages kinda like she is blowing me off. I've not been overly needy or anythimh but she doesn't reply to my flirts an stuff sometimes but other times she will.

So I've text her today asking what our plan for the weekend is because she's going on holiday for a week on Monday and we sorta planned to meet up as won't see her for like 2 weeks.

She text back earlier saying she won't have time now and she's really sorry but she said definitely when she is back from holiday, so i just bahh bit gutted cos ages til we will go out again etc but il let her off, just joking around.

Im just getting the feeling she's not interested anymore but feel I am also overthinking it etc, I just think if she does really like me she would make time for me at the weekend but not sure?

Am I overthinking it or do u think she is genuinely just not interested now?

Even though she has expressed she likes me and tells me im hot etc, just can't help getting this feeling and I think it will mess it up if it isn't already


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  • I think she's playing with you. Or, she might be interested in something casual and testing the waters. If she focuses on your physical attractiveness in most of her compliments, I'd take that as a warning. If she were feeling a relationship, she'd be consistent at least or give you a reason she can't be.


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  • I think the only real mistake you made was asking her what the plan was for the weekend. Guys are expected to decide what the plans are going to be. The more specific you can be (e. g. where you'll be going, what you'll be doing, when you'll pick her up), the more likely it is that she'll go on the date if she's interested. This whole "I can't see you over the weekend because of my upcoming trip" excuse is nonsense. I guarantee you she's making time for people who matter to her over the weekend, despite her upcoming trip.

    Bottom line, just tell her to contact you after she gets back from her trip, and you'll have a fun date planned. If she contacts you, she's interested. If she doesn't, it's time to raise your head slightly and shout, "Next!"

    • Yeah thats exactly what I did on the last two dates we went on, i sorted everything out and took her to a restaurant etc, I went her way the first time and shr come to me the 2nd time. I had already said I was going back her way and I will sort something out fun for us to do, but was just sorta asking the plan like what times etc.

      Yeah well when she texts back if she does lol, il say tha to her and see what happens. Just can't understand it as she has said she likes me etc and does want to get to know me more, so unsure of why she cancels really.

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  • maybe you should try talking on the phone more than just texting. texting is rather informal and as a relationship progresses actual conversations are necessary to progress things

    you've been on two dates so far so I think you have to keep that in mind. are you even truly dating after two dates? I think maybe you should call her and casually bring up your feelings for her and your desire to continue building your relationship. see how she responds.

    • Hi thanks for your reply,

      Yes definitely I know what you mean there but I still think it is a little early for random phone calls yet, like u say I suppose it isn't truly dating is it if we have only been on two dates, so dont want to be making phone calls out of the blue to her. I have told her how I feel and she did say she feels the same, but as time goes on and now she's cancelled on me at the weekend it just feels as if its slowly but surely going to pot :/

      Suppose I will just need to leave her to it for now and wait til she responds herself, from what I've gathered from her though she's a really down to earth person who speaks her mind a lot.

      Maybe she would just come out with it and tell me she doesn't really want to see me again if she didnt? Thanks man for the advice :)

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    • Oh well seems I was overthinking it lol, she's text me back this evening to say we will go out in her town and she will get me a hotel as she lives with her parents plus a bit too early to be staying over.

    • giddy up. Congrats!

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