Does she like me more than a friend or just being nice?

I have this best friend girl (loraine) in my class so we even tell eachother love you over text messages , we talk about everything and anything. I have often noticed that whenever we hangout with our friends she likes to sit next to me , she keeps her legs touching against mine which i'm aware of and enjoy too infact but don't know if she's consciously doing it not to forget her ocassional pinches , poking my tummy which is ofcourse flabby.

Just today one of our common friends (girl) was sitting together with us asks me hey! do you think you wanna date loraine? I was like emmmmm with a shy face and loraine was listening to all this and merely smiled and after a while. This common friend of ours goes like hey! loraine you guys are a great couple i mean you both keep fighing like couples I think you should go on a date so she's like smiling and says he's my best friend and I already have two guys who I sorta like so he's a best friend. Then this common friend says so add him also to those two guys cuz you guys would make a great couple she smiles and then says hey do you wanna talk about something else? Lol

What do you think is going on in her head? Do you think she's interested in me for more than a friend or just happens to be a close best friend.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Try ur chance with her :) ask her out ^^

    • Okay how would that work should i be like hey do you wanna go to movies? :P I'm a noob when it comes to smooth talk into a date.

    • I woulsuggest u to confess ur feelings to her if she feels same she will like it smth like " I wanna tell u smth we know eachother for quite long time and i think i like u more than a friend what do u think about it? " .. etc try ur best ^^

Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't go on a "date" it will be awkward. If you are interested in her yourself, just give her a kiss at a good moment. If she likes it, she will be extremely romanticized plus turned on.

    • I would be risking my relationship as a whole by doing something like that wouldn't I? What's your thought after reading my story?

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    • The key is waiting for a good moment.

    • Yesterday this girl as usual when she asks me how her lips look like? I was like they look good because she had just applied lipstick then she goes like do they look kissable? I was like emmm yeah lol

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  • She likes you!


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