Girls what's your ideal boyfriend? Guys what's your ideal girlfriend?


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  • There is no such thing as ideal.


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  • For personality, I want a woman who:
    - Is good with kids
    - Wants to get married and have kids one day
    - Doesn't act entitled to anything just because she's female
    - Is respectful towards my loved ones (mainly my parents, brother, and best friend)
    - Has an idea of what she wants to do with her life and has a plan on how to achieve it
    - Shares many of the same beliefs as I do
    - Has an appreciation for the arts, especially music (if she can sing and/or play an instrument, that's a HUGE plus)
    - Doesn't smoke
    - Doesn't drink excessively
    - Is educated (a degree isn't required but it is a big plus if she has one)
    - Will be my rock as I will be hers

    As for looks, all I look for is a woman who:
    - Is shorter than me
    - Weighs less than me
    - Is healthy
    - Has a pretty/cute face

    That's it. Race, hair and eye color means nothing to me.


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  • Someone who I have things in common with, someone who's faithful, caring, has a good sense of humor, doesn't have to be a beauty queen by any means but I would need to be attracted to her, honest, gets along with my family, similar values, loves only me (obviously), intelligent, supportive, not high maintenance, things like that.

  • I don't have a long list of idealistic prerequisites like most women do. I just want her to be pretty and a nice person.

  • Lindsey Stirling without the Mormonism.

  • Don't think I have a ideal. Just a composition.


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