MEN! What would grab your attention if your ex, and also future mother of your child, wanted you back?

I broke up with my boyfriend almost a month ago. I completely regret it. He says he has moved on, and doesn't want to be with me. He said he tried so hard to get me back that he isn't going to try anymore. I went out and bought him a ton of stuff, everything that he likes, put it in an oil drip pan, cause he changes his oil, and wrote out a card, with everything I wanted to say. Then on the back it ask: will you be my boyfriend with a check yes or no. Do you think that he'll like it?


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  • Personally:

    I would find all of these things impulsive. First i get broken up with, you reject all of my attempts to reconcile and then all of a sudden 1 whole month later you want to be back in the relationship? If i truly moved on, i only consider getting back with an ex 3-4 years later once both parties are allowed enough time to grow and experience things on their own.

    1 month? we're right back in the thick of things that broke us up... couple months later we'll break up again since nothing has changed.

    If it were me, i'd say thanks to all those nice things but.. i'm not down for another roller coaster.

    But i am not your ex, so i don't know.


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  • Why would you want to get back with an ex?

    Would you put poo back up your ass after pooing it out?💩💩 it's basically the same thing.. Its gonna end in disaster.

  • Will he like it? Honestly, I doubt it. I would find it a bit 'nutty,' personally. Cute, in a way, but still it would indicate that I had dodged a bullet. In my opinion, if a girl has reasons for breaking up with me, she should still have those reasons a month later. If she suddenly decides that they are no longer important, then it isn't a stretch to assume she can just as easily re-decide that they are important. But more to the point, the fact that she so easily dismisses the things that led to a break-up indicates that she isn't thinking objectively. She's being guided by her emotions or something, and that is simply something I prefer to avoid.

    But to your original question, what would grab my attention? Well, I suppose if she admitted to being entirely at fault for the break-up and vowed to be more objective in the future and ask for anal at least once per week. That would be hard to turn down.


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