Most to least important in women (Read details)?

- face/ pretty/ beautiful
- personality
- figure
- carer or profession
- wealth
- family name


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  • For serious serious dating?
    1) - Career / Profession ( A dream)
    Actually knowing what she wants in life. Ambition is attractive... well to me anyway. ... She doesn't need to be there already but she needs to know what she wants and work towards it.
    2) - Personality
    well... it kinda intertwines with the first one. Cos you can kinda tell her personality from her dream.
    3) - Beauty/figure -
    What can I say. It's the entire package. I am not dating disembody body parts.

    Not considered - wealth and family name has zero meaning to me. That's a very sort of... conservative caste based society kinda thinking ain't it?
    Kinda reminds me of the Indian "untouchable" caste which other castes are forbidden to "touch" or they'll be tainted. Discrimination!

  • Figure
    Family name
    Profession is important but I wouldn't want a gold digger.

    • So you find apparence the most important quality?

    • Actually face and figure are toe to toe on this one. They are both important. I don't care about the wealth or her profession. I prefer housewife though but would not mind if she has a decent job like a teacher. She should care for me and make me feel like at home.

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