Has anyone ever ended a relationship that was 99% perfect, but that 1% was a key part that was missing?

My girlfriend is the type of girl that most guys spend their lives searching for. She's attractive, funny, caring, loyal, honest, and she is always there to support me when things get tough. But our relationship is missing some key stuff. She has never exactly been my type physically. She's cute, but I am more into the stereotypical classy beauty. We also have completely different ideas on intimacy. Half of the stuff that she likes annoys the hell out of me. She also isn't as serious as I would like. She's way too carefree. There are a bunch of other tiny problems as well. We basically don't have any chemistry even though we are very compatible. I have been on an emotional roller coaster about this for almost 2 months now, and I'm torn because I don't want to throw away a 99% perfect relationship that we have had for 2 years, but I feel like I can never be 100% into her and I may never be satisfied if I stay. She knows about my conflicting emotions and has given me the option to break up or keep trying. We had already broken up when I first developed these feelings, but we got back together a few weeks later. At first she was selfish and immature about it, thinking that the breakup didn't hurt me at all, but she later apologized and admitted her selfishness when we were talking about giving up or trying some more. Our situation makes it even harder because I see her several times a day at school, and we have a ton of mutual friends. It would almost be easier if one of us cheated or something so it would be more black and white. Has anyone had this happen? If so what did you do?


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  • Find out a key problem to start from there maybe it's not just her, who needs change it could be possible you need one too. But it's good you two have differences because honestly if everyone liked the same thing it would be hella boring, as for intimacy switch up a little do a few things she likes and then do few things you like. Being carefree is also a good thing because you can help her tighten up if things get to far and she can help loosen you up too it's mainly about balancing your relationship. The person your with should have qualities you lack in same with her.

    • I know most of the problems lie within me. They aren't fixable though. I can't help it because it's what I desire.

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  • Why wasting ur relationship? Beauty changes and disapears with time i think u should give an importance to the positive traits she has on her personality u may regret it later if u break up but I don't know..

    • That doesn't mean that beauty doesn't matter. People have this stupid belief that personality is all that matters when it isn't. Sure it's more important in the long run, but when you're younger, especially my age, looks matter a lot too.

    • I didn't say look doesn't matter i know it does a little bit at least for me. But u said she is cute isn't it enough? Anyway do whatever u want about ur relationship :)

  • I say leave her if your not 100% into the relationship then the relationship is not worth it for either of you she should be able to move on and find someone who will loved all of her instead of just 99%. If you do regret breaking up with her realize the mistake and move on.

  • I've never done that. I never would.

    • That's easy to say when you're not in the situation.

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