Girls, When a guy gets over emotional with a girl (missing her), thoughts?

Have a girl who I havnt seen in about a month with holidays and work schedules and her starting a new job. Have been feeling like she has been very distant this last week and we havnt texted like we normaly do but I know she is very busy. I stated I was worried about my special friend and hoped she got back - she was on the east coast visiting her family. She replied in a positve manor indicated yes all is good and she made it back.

Was feeling emotional today and sent her a text with a pic of a Vase of flowers I bought for her. She said thank you and have a great day. Which I felt was a little under appreciated and not normal for her. I broke down and apologised to her stating I would never do anything to hurt her and jeaporadise our friendship and thanked her for putting up with me. She responded saying that there is no need to apologised for anything, all is good and hope to see you soon.

I just hope that things out ok between us and dont want to loose her, but I might just be overthinking everyhing, thoughts would be appreciated. Thank You


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  • Sounds like you are over-thinking. You two aren't in a relationship and it's not fair for you to overload her with your worries and insecurities if she's busy. Yes, that's what friends are for--to talk to you and help you out. But they have their own lives too.


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