I'm tired of being single?

I've been single for what feels like forever, I'm a good girl, I can cook, I'll be a college graduate next summer, I'm very family oriented , I can even sing lol I don't know I'll also post a pic of me so you can see what I look like
My bad here it is
I'll make a new post with the picture I can't post it now


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  • I know how you feel -_- dates with guys I end up being into never make it past 1 or 2 and all the guys im totally not into usually want to see me... most of my friends (including my overweight friend who's less attractive than I am) have a new boyfriend every week or one they've been with forever... WTF?


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  • I am tired of being hated on for being Indian by racist white women.

  • Where is the picture?

  • link ur new question with ur pic baby

  • what matter in this is what you look like mostly, not a fun though but you can be the bets girl ever and if you are average or below average and you won't get any boyfriend

    • then why is it that my best friend who is overweight and less attractive than i am has had like 4 boyfriends in the past 7 years and i've had none? :( i dont get it, lots of guys say im pretty, i keep in shape by running and im friendly and confident and open but my dates rarely get past 1 or 2 with any one guy, especially if i end up being into him. why is this?

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    • What do you mean by make over, like a style make over? Or like hair and makeup, I don't really wear makeup

    • you should wear a little and get one of your popular female friends to do a double check on your wardrobe

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