He either needs to step up his game or I am going to go for a different guy. How do I communicate this?

I met this guy, we clicked, and went on a date. However, recently he's been texting me less and isn't initiating seeing me again (I know he's busy though). I still like him but there is another guy I know who I think is cute and I think has been showing some interest. I'm not about dating multiple guy's at the same time. How can I tell how interested the first guy really is and communicate to him (without stating it right out) that I am not going to wait around for him?
  • "breakup" with guy one and go for guy two
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  • keep texting guy one and see where it goes
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  • You really need to say directly your ultimatum

    • I kind of want to, but he's also pretty shy and I don't want to scare him away. I still do like him.

    • Yeah but if he isn't giving you what you need...

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  • If I wanted a girl, why should she go after someone else. Seems a bit silly


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