Girls, would you date a guy who lifted less than you?

I've been talking to this girl on Tinder, she says she's had some insecurities about her body so she took up powerlifting. I told her I went to the gym and so when we asked each other how much we lift, her PRs were like wayyy higher than mine, I was a bit surprised because she looks pretty normal. I feel like she'll think less of me now, I don't want to show my insecurities but I feel like this is a turn off for girls.
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For reference, this girl said she could...

Squat= 230 Ibs. ( x3)

Bench= 135 Ibs.

Deadlift= 285 Ibs.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Less than me? No.

    I just got back in the lifting game and I am not strong at all lmao

    Like, I'm benching 35 lbs right now. Yup. We're still in the dumb bell range. I used to be at 130. So... we have a ways to go haha. But no, if a guy can't bench 35 lbs... we have problems.

    I can squat 250... but that's 'cause I lift with my legs due to the fact that I obviously don't lift with my arms lmao


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  • No. If you lift less than I do, you're weak and I can't lift much at all.

    • Haha, how much do you squat, bench, and deadlift?

    • I can bench a 100, deadlift 50, and squat MUCH less. So if ANY guy has stats lower than mine, there's a problem... Lol!

    • Hmm, weird, I squat and deadlift more than that but I can't break 100 on the bench.

  • lol yeah i dont c the problem. everyone starts somewhere. maybe i started earlier.

  • Sure why not.

  • Just be normal, say hey I go to the gym and work out.

  • Yes I would.


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