Why do women act like they've got dating worse?

Seriously, they state that one-night stands are comparable to being a virgin that's never been kissed and never had a girlfriend, and, I'm like, no, even if a one night stand doesn't fulfill your prince fantasy, at least you've had some fucking form of intimacy, guys like me, we've never had ANY form, so don't equate your dissatisfaction with one night stands with my utter loneliness, at least you know you're fuckig desired, for all I know, I'm just a piece of shit.


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  • Because we do! Most of us are too shy to approach you guys, so we spend half of our lives sIngle WAITING for the right one you to approach us. Im tired of waiting though. This year, I'm stepping up to the plate

    • So? It's your fault if you can't speak to people, why don't you try this on for size? You actually spend about 17 years actually forcing yourself to be active and get shot down anyway.

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    • I haven't gone after 9s or 10s for a while, more like 6s, 7s, and 8s, most people rate me 7 (8 on a good day) so I try in my range.

    • Yes I think Im a 7.5. I like many 9s, but I know to stay in my league of 7s and 8s

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  • I agree. Men have it harder than women, although women have their fair share of difficulties. Most women are having insane difficulties with bad boys.

    • There's a bit of a difference between consequences of choice and plain shitty luck

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  • And I'm just a piece of crab meat 😧

    Delicious crabbb meat


  • Oh, are we having a pity party now?
    Someone should have warned me, I would have brought the hats.

    • Can you bring some cookies please.

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    • Then you need to get help. I don't see anything good coming from not getting help for that.

    • I have been, but, people still don't give a shit about me, I mean, I've come to accept it, I don't care about most people, why should they care about me, but... I dunno, I still have this biological need to fill. It's a shame because I know the whole rejection thing is making me lose it when I get aroused by physical pain.

  • We don't have it worse but men only want to date a girl based on her looks
    Like they will fall in love with her as long as she is beautiful

    • The fuck? How is any of that true? If the girl is hot, but a bitch, that's a no no

    • If a girl has sex too early even if the guy initiates it he puts her in the slut box and no longer wants a relationship

    • I'd rather have sex than nothing

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  • Ask any man who've had a long term relationship and he'll tell you the most important thing you need to learn in life as a man is this - women are impossible to please.

  • You done *exhales smoke*


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