Most girls want to date a Nerd. I thought I wanted too until I met my ex-crush. Do you want to date a Nerd?

I really thought I liked this guy, but now I'm learning that he's an a-hole with a smarta-- mouth. Like he literally corrects me on EVERYTHING i say. Its not cute anymore. He claims to do it jokingly, but I dont find it funny anymore. Today, he spent half of class telling me the difference between horror and haunted! Like dude, wtf you talking about? I seriously want to pop him in his freakin smartazz mouth. Knowing him, he's somewhere reading this and correcting me like "Hey, I'm actually a dork/geek/whatever, Not a Nerd!" #HesNoUrkel


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  • Sounds more like he is a control freak know-it-all.

    Makes ya wonder if his mother can stand him or simply slaps him from time to time lol

    • I'll surely do it for her. Its just sad cause I really liked him 😔 Then again, he was way too sarcastic for me

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  • Dude geeks are such annoying little fucking Weeaboos that stay watching naruto and are just freaking know it alls and real nerds that stay studying physics in the library are just regular assholes which you can tolerate because mostly everyone in LA are assholes so you get used to it

    • Lol well now I can't tell if he's a geek or a nerd... Both qualify as A-hole haha

    • Nah the geek is an annoying asshole the other is just an asshole lol

    • Lol well okay. Like I seriously saw mself marrying this guy. But after getting to know him better, I see that I would have gone to jail for beating his ass on the daily

  • Judgmental are we

    • judgmental toward this nerdy ex-crush of mine? Fuck Yes I am!

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    • You sound just as smartass as the smartass I liked. You and him are the types that cause me to cuss. I hating cursing. You bring out the worse in me 😒

    • As do you

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