Is it okay for someone you're dating to playfully swear at you?

This guy I have been seeing for a month and he seems really into me. When it comes to humour he uses a bit too much of a sarcastic tone... (for me I handle but to a point). One night he drove me home and while we were sitting in his car in front of my home we made out a bit. I playfully asked him if he was going to continually blast Bon jovi from his car stereo on the ride home. He responded by saying "fuck you" in kind of a playful tone. I know he was joking and everything when he said that... but I also know thats how shit starts... and I wanted to correct it and see how he would react... so I said to him "you would say that to me?" in a soft tone. He responded by saying that I was acting like a 17 year old (i'm in my early 20s and he is in his late 20s) and that he meant it was a joke. So I said okay.
I just dont want sarcasm to go too far and for him to keep pushing the boundaries of what he think is appropriate to say to me. I've let a guy do that to the past to me and I dont want that to happen again.


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  • That's totally up to you if its acceptable


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  • no i dislike that crap. dont u dare let him go too far. if he thinks ur being childish, then he is obviously inconsiderate and childish himself. stand ur ground and let him know what u will and won't tolerate.


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