Why'd he go from hot to cold?

So I met this guy who was nice and attractive and we seemed to really get along. He even asked me at one point if I have a boyfriend. Soon we exchange numbers and everythings good. I've never had a boyfriend so I'm reaply shy when it comes to guys. I looked at my phone a lot and not him but that's bc I was nervous. Next thing Ik I'm leaving to drive home and he doesn't even acknowledge me just my friend (who he already knew)...
PS: He even made a point of letting me know that there isn't anything going on between him and my friend. What changed and can I do anything about it?


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  • Lol wow nice story maybe he's shy too. Or maybe he likes you but he's too embarrassed to talk to you in front of his friend. Try to ask him then you will know for sure.
    Hope I helped you out a little bit

  • Just start texting him and be flirty and see where it goes :)


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