Will he change his mind?

A while ago the guy I like told me he liked me, but he thinks dating is pointless in high school. We are both in grade 12 now, and quite a bit has happened since he's said that. We talk almost everyday if not in person (school just started so I haven't talked to him much lately), on snapchat, and we've hung out after he has said that and we made out haha. He is a shy and nice guy though so I don't think he just want to use me for a 'booty call' and he won't make a move unless I do lol. I think it would be weird if the same thing kept happening but we just never dated or anything.. After a few times of hanging out with him should I ask him what he wants? Do you think he will change his mind about dating? Anyone ever been in a similar situation, and what happened?


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  • Hopefully in time he will, but for the mean time, I don't think so unless you show him the pros in dating or what he's giving up on


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