Am I Wrong? What should I do?

My boyfriend of two years has a 19yr old. She's nice no drama there...

But his daughters mom invited him to their daughters birthday bbq. He said it would be awkward for me to go. While that might be true, i explained that if we're planning on being together long term his daughters mom and her family need to get over it. I know he will probably end up going since it is his daughter and yes without me. Am i wrong to feel irritated and yeah a bit insulted? What should i do?


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  • If you are 25-29 and she is 19 i would imagine she hasn't been overly accepting yet? I mean it's her birthday if he thinks it will upset his daughter just stay away from the event

    • I practically live with him and his daughter though. Her mother and father haven't been together in about 10 years.

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  • "Am i wrong to feel irritated and yeah a bit insulted?"

    What if the mom starts drama at the BBQ? Also if the family members are not comfortable around you they would make them feel awkward and may leave or even start an argument. This would not be a fun party. You could ruin the girl's birthday. He was thinking about his daughter and putting her first.

    You are being insensitive of the daughters feelings.

    • I kind of basically live with him and they haven't been together for about 10years. I figured any awkwardness would be over by now. But not everyone is the same i guess.

    • I think it's more to do with the fact you are about the same age as his daughter.

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  • I think it's insensitive of him too


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  • i think u should go and i know it might start shit but then they'll realise its for the best if the drama stops because they wouldn't want the daughter to go through it


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