Analyze:my gay friend ruined my chances with my crush?

Ok so the guy I like (call him "Sam") recently started texting my best guy friend after he came out of the closet (call him "Ed"). so Sam asked Ed through text if Ed knew anyone that likes him but Ed didn't mention me (thank god, also Sam already knows Ed and I's relationship is really strong) and like a day later Ed told me he asked Sam if he liked anyone and gave me abunch of diffferent answers and said Sam mentioned something about liking a blonde girl (I'm not blonde), then something about Sam liking several other people and that Sam got really defensive while taking about it. I don't know I've talked to Sam before and he have off a lot of "I like you" signs but when asked if he liked anyone I guess he got defensive and have a lot of Ansewrs or something. Ed ended up telling him he "has a friend that likes you" and Sam asked who it was so Ed just said "guess" and Sam never replied after that. what the fuck was that? I just want to know If Sam maybe thought Ed was hitting on him or if he might have freaked because he thought It was probably me setting Ed up to ask those questions 😐


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  • I think Sam might have been freaked out, lmao. It's pretty funny though. I say stop using Ed as your messenger and go get your man yourself, that way everything's crystal clear.


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