She suddenly wants her space for no tangible reason?

i met this girl wen i came to c my bro she accompanied a friend to the house and she exchanged contacts with me when she was about living so we got talking on phone and whatsapp, she even gave me her facebook acc but suddenly she sent me this message "Hi i just want to share somthing that's bothering me. i think i have crossed my bounderies with you. initially wen i took your numbers, it was just so we could be friends and i think we might be heading in a different direction. my friend is really close to me like a sister and she is dating your elder bro do which automatically does'nt leave any room for you and i to have any relationship unless that of friendship or bro and sist. so this issues has been sitting off with me so please excuse me if i seem a bit withdrawn from today hence forth" so what do you think is wrong with her?


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  • What's tangible to her might not be to you


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