Texting crush? what are we?

I started texting this guy from my class from the past school year. We kept on touch over the summer and he is really fun to talk to. Recently we have gone to text flirting and using the romantic emojis. But after we stated flirting I rarely see him at school and I only greet him and I feel totally awkward. And I think I screwed it cause I told him that I'm awkward around him because I like him and he is the first guy I have been "talking" to. After that he hasn't sent me any romantic emojis we just text. Did I blew it? We are in hs
He told me not to be shy but I'm new to this dating n flirting in high school. I think that if I talk to him that he will think I'm like desperate or something


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  • You will screw it if you don't talk to him. How do you expect to have somethi g with him if you can't talk to him? Go to him and talk to him. Try to do stuff with him.

    • Prolly coz he's mean when she tries

    • @Daynada If what you said was true, it wouldn't stick with the story she is telling in the question. He even told her to not be shy... If he is mean, then she should forget about him no?

    • Whatever

  • I don't think you blow it.

    • Sounds like he either was never interested or likes you back. Not sure which. I'd have to know more.

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