Girls, Would you invest in a relationship that he will always be financially unstable and you would have to support both of you forever?

I believe men must be the primary provider. I admire and have lots of respect when men makes a girl safe and protected. Of course I am not talking about being a millionare and cover you with diamonds... I do not want that. Just someone that you can trust and feel safe to live a stable life and you do not need to count your money to share all bills.
  • No. I would never support a men financially.
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  • Yes. If I really love the person I would always do it.
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  • Only if it was for a short period of time.
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  • I mean... yeah, I'd do that.

    I'm realistic though. I know how much the career I want makes. And it's not that much. Two people can absolutely survive on it though. We'd just live in a tiny apartment for the rest of forever and never do anything fun :p

    But I could do it - and I would. It might even drive me to abandon my job that I love and do something that makes more.

    But I'll be damned if I let him have his way with how he spends my money. That man is getting a monthly allowance so he doesn't spend it faster than I can make it and we end up in a box on the street. If he's good with managing money and is just unemployed, that's one thing. If he's unemployed and thinks money grows on trees... that's an entirely different thing.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I'd love for both of us to just be equally as financially strong.
    A short time wouldn't be so bad, but having someone living off of me for the rest of my life - and with the risks of being fired any day (in the economy I live in) sounds like a recipe for homelessness.

  • No I wouldn't. I can hold my own weight financially in a relationship. And I expect the same from him. He doesn't need to make as much as me, but he needs to be stable and he needs a steady income. I can't support both of us. That's not for to me.

  • Only for short period of time.
    It's fine if I work and can lend a helping hand to my man, @bizunguinha, but enough is enough when it comes down a fine line when the time comes and he is Not... Working.
    Good luck. xx

  • I feel the same way as you do. If he did lose his job or something and I was the main source of income, then I would support him (if we were married), but that doesn't give him a pass to be lazy. He needs to get back on the saddle and find a job again.

  • If I made a lot of money, I would be open to that. But I don't and never will. So, we'd both need to make some money.

    I'd rather date a man I was very sexually attracted to that I enjoyed spending time with than a man who was rich, but I did not find him very sexy or enjoy talking to.


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