I haven't liked anyone in a looooong time. I feel like I'm 13 again obsessing over a crush. I'm shy when it comes to guys I like. Someone help?

I met him online. He's really sweet, so kind, and always so positive. We texted for a while, as friends, at least on my part, though at the time I thought he wanted more, and then after a couple weeks we finally met when he came to my friend's small birthday thing. It was after we met in person that I really started to like him. So of course now I'm overthinking things and over-analyzing everything trying to figure out how he feels. If he does in fact like me too. All it's doing is making me sad and confused.
We've both complimented each others personalities several times. He clearly likes the person I am. He's told me so. We text everyday, though he's been pretty stressed and busy with work lately, so the past couple days his replies have been a bit shorter, and slightly less frequent. He asked if we could be friends on Facebook, and we've both asked each other to hang out, and both have been enthusiastic about doing so. Just neither of us have actually planned when to do so.
I don't wanna scare him, or seem pushy or needy or desperate or anything, but I thought maybe I could send him something like
"so I'm really terrible at this kind of thing, but instead of constantly wondering, I thought I'd ask what you thought cause I'm not entirely sure what we're doing here. Are we friends, or is this leading to a kind of "more than friends" situation. Honestly I think you're a pretty awesome person, so I'd be okay with either, but I wouldn't mind knowing either way".
I hate showing people that I like them cause it leaves me vulnerable, but is that okay? Not too forward or anything?


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  • You need to plan a date asap or stop talking to him.

    • Why stop talking to him? And even if I planned something, I won't know if it's a date or not.

    • If you're talking to someone online and a date doesn't happen within a week or so then it's never going to happen and you're just wasting your time.

    • Well we didn't meet on a dating site.

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