I had a date with a guy, he still shows all signs he likes me, but he still kissed another girl, does he really like me?

I went out on a date with a guy, it went well and we made future plans to see eachother. Then he told me that he kissed another girl at camp. I was upset, but we don't have a relationship so I had to let it slide. I accidentally made out with a friend of his a week later when I was drunk. He was really upset with us, but on the following date he said he couldn't kiss me because he was seeing that girl still. We text eachother a lot and he sends me the kissy-faces and we agreed to meet at a regular bar, but then that girl showed up and kissed him. However, he still enjoys being with me, hugging me and he has to make the biggest effort not to go and kiss me (he also wants me to come over at his house-party next month). He told his friend that he was really upset about this entire situation and he found it difficult to decide what to do. Does this mean he still likes me, despite liking that other girl as well, and should I stick around for him to choose either way?
OK, so last week he asked if I wanted to try again, because he still liked me very much and he wasn't feeling a connection with the other girl. And it turns out that a friend of his has been sort of complicating this situation by talking to both of us about this in a way that is really inconcistent


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  • He thinks he can have you both

    • Ugh, well, he's sadly mistaken...

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