Was he talking to me or was this an "accidental text"?

So I was talking to my new boyfriend via text about not being able to afford to go to a lot of the places he wants to go. He is a lot older than me and financial stable, while i am stable I don't have as good of job as he does. He basically responded saying how he was comfortable paying when we go out but if there are times we want to just watch a movie, that's okay too. I then responded saying to him how I dont want him to always pay which is why I offer. He said he appreciates it and that we can go to low cost places to eat and any expensive places, he will pay. He then sent a text saying. "Cool looking forward to it". Does that seem out of place to you.


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  • No. Not at all. In his mind, you guys have reached a compromise. The deal has been closed. It is now understood that if he wants to go to an expensive place, he'll pay. He is probably at a place in his life where he cares less about money and care more about being happy and making you happy. Paying is not a problem for him. He prefers that than to not take you anywhere. I think this deal makes sense. You do not expect him to pay for anything but what you can't afford yourself and only if he feels like it. He himself does not feel like he has to pay all the time. It's a fine deal. So he's probably looking forward to treat you at a nice restaurant ;-)

    • so the text was meant for me.

    • Definitely. Unless it's pure coincidence but I don't believe it.

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  • It does seem rather out of place, however the more you guys get closer the more you will feel comfortable with him paying for you, you don't have to match him up, but appreciation goes a long way. There are girls who are total opposite than you (unfortunately) and think they deserve the whole world and always want more and more once their boyfriends/husbands buy things for them, it's like they get a high off of it. You seem down to earth so don't be afraid of getting spoiled, he's older than you, you're making your own way and if he can help in anyway let him, doesn't mean you have to buy him the world, the little things do truly matter xx

    • i asked him and he said he was talking about looking forward to seeing me this Sun. at a new restaurant I like. We made plans yesterday

    • Now I can see why he said that. Sunday is ages away (not really). Are you exciteD?

    • Of course! Thanks for asking. :)

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  • It was to you. Doesn't anybody ever have their dates over for dinner where one makes a very nice full course dinner with candle's?

  • it was probably meant for someone else


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