Guys, what does it mean why ur boyfriend does not reply to your message but likes girls pic on instagram?



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  • my boyfriend? i don't have one :D

    give him time, or call him if you can't wait.
    It's not like the world will end if he does not reply within seconds of you sending a message... he might have something to do atm.

    • Lol sorry i meant my boyfriend... True.. Byt... Liking someone else pic n not msging u means he's ignoring u right

    • maybe yes, maybe not. Things like that can vary from situation to situation. He could be busy. Best thing to do is to notmake it a very big deal. I get that you want to communicate with your SO as soon as possible, but you should remember that you aren't the only thing he has in his life. YOu are a priority compared to most things, but there are more things than just you.

    • True that... But it bugs me that he has tinder... Says he is using it just to like girls pics only like instagram

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