What does it mean when a girl asks you if you've had a relationship before?

So this girl and I have been texting for a few weeks (and chatted online for about the same before exchanging numbers).

Its become clear that we both really like each other, we have shared personal things about each other, we text almost every day, good night/morning messages/kisses etc

We have yet to meet in person which has become slightly frustrating for me having asked a few times when she is free because she works a lot. She did suggest a time for us once but the weather turned bad so she cancelled which is fair enough.

She now asked me if I've had a relationship (which I haven't) as I've had social anxiety for years (which she knows and was totally fine about).

So what I want to know is is she trying to gauge whether or not I'm b/f material by my past relationship experience. Why would she ask that? If it helps she is a year older than me and I think from her profile she has had a relationship before. She is also very shy and doesn't speak much English so maybe she's nervous about meeting me.

What do you gagers reckon? Is she serious about me?
Sorry about the long details, any comments very much appreciated!!!
  • She digs you, keep winning her over!!!
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  • She just wants someone to chat with because she's fairly new to the country and wants a friend
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  • "She just wants someone to chat with because she's fairly new to the country and wants a friend"
    ^ I highly doubt it's that one; she wouldn't have asked about your past dating experience if she was only interested in being your friend.

    Past dating experience is a very common dating topic, so don't overthink her intentions too much. She probably just asked out of curiosity. People like to ask questions like the one she asked to learn more about the person they're getting to know and potentially getting serious with.

    If she had asked, "How long ago was your last relationship?" and you said something like, "It ended a couple months ago," (let's just say this is true for the sake of this scenario) then she may become hesitant since you'd be fresh out of a relationship. Questions like this are important!

    • I do think she should have asked in person, but *shrugs* everyone's different I guess.

    • Yeah thanks, some things we've been talking about have been a bit more serious, we dont have to chuck in smileys and winkeys every sentence now lol so maybe she's just curious

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  • She's just making conversation


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  • When she canceled your in-person meeting, that was a bad sign, regardless of the weather forecast. If I were in your situation, I would give her one more chance to meet in-person. If she cancels, can't make it, etc., you're wasting your time with her.

    • Well regarding us meeting up it was a walk on the beach so rain is going to ruin that, but I see what you mean

  • Don't think too deeply into it. I guess she is just curious nothing more, nothing less ^^

    • Just she got really serious about it, like she said can i ask you a question like it was something really personal. Then waited for me to say yes b4 asking it

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    • Well I think its more that she's being sensitive toeards me, not wanting to offend me

    • that might be the case aswell, but i could not know that ^^

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