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I'm in college and I was supposed to meet up with a guy friend of mine that I am intested and goes to the same college as me after my class ended today. We knew each other for years, we went to the same high school together and we never really met in person yet. On the first day of classes I asked if he wanted to meet up on campus and he said that he couldn't and told me next time for sure. Then today he called me earlier in the day saying that we should meet up after my class ended. He told me to text him after class to meet up. I said ok that's fine. After my class ended, I texted him saying that I was done with class and I asked him if he wanted to meet up on campus. He told me that he couldn't again and told me next time we should meet up. Is it my fault that he didn't want to meet up with me today?


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  • not your fault at all.


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