Is this a date?

Backstory: I have liked my guy friend for ages. I'm pretty sure he likes me too. We are both shy, nerdy, socially awkward types... and both Christians... So you can guess how quickly this relationship has been progressing -_- in the last couple of weeks, however, things have gone into accelerate mode, and he has been behaving much more like my boyfriend than my friend. I have been responding positively... But still no actual move has been made by either of us. GAH!

Tonight he messaged me saying that some of his friends are having a pizza/film night and asked if I want to go with him. I do know the other people going, but they are acquaintances rather than friends. There will be four others... Two couples... Plus me and my guy friend. He is picking me up to take me there, so we are actually going together.

Is this a date? 😳
So now it is just going to be four of us... Me and him, and the couple hosting. I'm kind of nervous... O_o
I had an awesome time :) he bought me my favourite chocolates as a gift. We have planned to go out together again :) yay!


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  • No, not a date, just a get together with pizza. Sorry. On the bright side, get togethers like this can be considered a "pre-date", or like a 'test run' to see how it works out. If everything is going smoothly, afterwards tell him you had a nice time, but would like it to be just the two of you next time. Hopefully he gets the hint!!! Good luck!


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  • Just ask him, "is this a date?". I know that's not easy, but he will need to be asked. Maybe he thinks it is


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  • its a date!


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