Is too much texting bad for a relationship?

My boyfriend and I text all the time. Like actually. It's quite bad. As in a wake up in the morning expecting a text from him since he wakes up earlier than me. That bad. But it's not getting in the way of anything, like school, or friends or anything. I just wanted to know if it makes a relationship boring...or if it makes you seem to..available. I read that somewhere. Does it? Should I cut down? Oh and do guys like the mystery factor in girls?:P I'm just wondering because I know I like it in guys and I'm writing an article on something like it:) Hahah.


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  • I think If all you do is text him (besides talking in person) then maybe you guys should call eachother. If you are with your girlfriends or family or just places where you're not with him and can't talk on the phone then texting is fine, that's what it's for nowadays. But I think it will make you guys closer if instead of a text sayin "goodnight baby:)" you call him or he calls you. I think texting right when you wake up to say goodmorning is okay because you might not want to wake him up (or vice versa).

    One more thing is if you find yourself having a conversation through text just call him up, it's much better for your relationship...and if you guys get in fights either sort it out in person or call him up NEVER FIGHT THROUGH TEXT. it's waaay to easy to misunderstand someone when you can't hear their tone of voice.

    Hope I helped :)

    • Thanks, you did help a lot:) Hhaha yeah the misunderstandings have actually happened quite a bit:P We do call each other...just not so much.

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