Guy is mad at slow response. What to do?

Hi, I'm asking for my friend.

She [22] met a guy[23] through an online dating website and have been talking online for a bit. She normally talks to him everyday and suddenly stops talking to him for 5 days because she was seriously busy.

He sends 3 messages over that course of time and even a farewell message.

She finally explained to him that she was too busy.

Here was his reply, what should she do?

"Honestly, I don't know what to feel right now. Whether I should be sympathetic of your extremely busy life, disgust at myself for not having enough patience, glad that you're alive at least, or all 3? Still, I'm a little mad. It would have been nice to know you are a slow responder from the very beginning. I can't believe I beat myself up trying to figure out what I said that offended you. Normally, I'm very patient with people, but maybe it is because I'm starting to find out how awesome of a person you are to talk to and would hate to lose someone like that without even a word of good-bye. (Just an anecdote, I had several girls ignore me completely in the past for things I've said. I normally can't figure out why. Some of them were good friends too which was sad. I'm going to admit, I don't have much "game" talking to girls since I'm an engineer and grew up with all brothers. So sometimes, I may not say the most appropriate things, but I'm learning and I'm trying my best. I tend to make a lot of jokes because I like seeing people smile and laugh, but deep down, I never meant to hurt anyone with my words, so you have to let me know if you are uncomfortable with something I said. I will rectify it immediately.) I do appreciate your amusing reply finally but because I'm still a little mad, I don't want to answer your questions yet. Happy to know that you don't have food poisoning this time, -Guy"


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  • Random issue. The guy might be angry about something.


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