Guys, I want to ask this guy at school out but don't know if I really should... any help?

Okay so there's this one guy that i really like, his names Jose, and he is also my best friend. I want to ask him out but dont know if i really should because im not sure if he likes me back like that. I have kissed him one time on the cheek for a dare, and he didn't seem to really be disgusted or disturbed. And he has also slapped my butt on a dare too. So I was really thinking if i should finally get the nerve to ask him out. I was sortof confused of when he hit me there cuz i didn't no how to take it, like was it cuz of sum feelings he's getting or just cuz we r close? All i want tho r some signs that he might have feelings for me, but remember he is my best friend so its kind of tricky.

thanks so much ^_^


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  • Just do it what do you got to lose. Besides best friends care about each other. Am I right peoples? D:)


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