Can someone please help me?

There is this guy I really like and he asked me out today but he recently came out as bisexual (he is 14) and I dont want to tell my parents they are strongly against any same sex relationships and since I live in a very small town they will find out.


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  • He thinks he is that--AT 14? Why do I suspect he is just plain confused?

    • i thought that too but i wasn't for sure

    • If your parents object, you might point out that he likes *you* and that means he can't be gay, right? I suppose you could also tell them you want to straighten him out (pun intended). That might shut them up right there.

      I take it your parents are churchy. Would he be willing to attend Sunday services with you? Would that please your old folks? I suspect it might.

    • thanks thats pretty good.

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  • Don't listen to what people say it doesn't matter.


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