Guys, met a guy on a dating site and I'm confused?

On his dating profile it said he wanted no commitment. But I said I wanted it and he said with me it would be different. He said he took the site kind of as a joke until he saw me. We been texting for two weeks now. He gets annoyed if I don't reply. We haven't met yet but we already fought through text. I was busy at work one day and he was getting mad that I wasn't replying. I told him I was leaving soon and my manager was going me a ride home so I had to wait. Then he started calling me a how and shady. He also thought I was shady and a catfish because I didn't send him other photos. Also the day before he was at the bar and he sent me a photo with him and a girl. I told him she's hot. And he said wow you're not jealous? I said and he seemed mad. I told him i was interested in him and after that he would always ask if what I said was true and question everything. He told me he only wants me talking to him too and not other men. I told him that I was going to talk to other men until we meet and until we are officially together.
we didn't talk all day today. I texted him asking what's up and he said he's really sick and never replied. So I told him I never want to talk to him again because he's shady
whats his deal


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  • You managed to hook onto a control freak. Run backwards as fast as you can and get away from him.

    • I told him I was never going to talk to him again and he never replied

    • In my opinion I think you made a very healthy choice! Good job :0)

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