Guys, would you date someone who is fit but has stretch marks and loosened skin on her stomach from having a child?

Since having my child I've been working out really hard but it's been 3 1/2 years and the skin on my stomach won't tighten. I'm fit better than I was before I got pregnant but my stomach is not. I started dating this guy for almost 2 months and I'm worried about how he will feel if he sees me naked. I met him at the gym and he's probably expecting the body it looks like I have with clothes on. He doesn't seem to be the type to be so shallow to get disgusted but he is gorgeous and has an amazing body. I'm very intimidated.
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  • I would make a pact with you. You accept my imperfections, I accept yours and I learn to love them.


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  • Women with kids are a hassle I've done it my ex had the same problem with her stomach but I still found her sexy and so did the guy she cheated on me with soo you're good

  • Yes, I would if the child's father was dead and she was a widow. Otherwise I would be hesitant.

  • I don't date women with kids.


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