How to get your parents to allow you to date?

TBH i dont think you will understand this problem unless you have super strict parent or in my case Asian parents how do i get my parents to allow me to date beacuse they want me to wait till im 18 and since thats what my sisters did i dont think there is any way out of this i want to date at 16 but they won't listen to me any advice?


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  • look, they know what's best. ill tell u now that dating is mostly useless before 18. u only gain lessons. most of the time.

    my parents were strict about dating but i came to a point where i was like 'i dont even want to date too young'. it seriously just came from me because i knew what i wanted.

    they've been there and done that. u will never believe it but they are much more experienced than u lol. dont think of them as old fashioned. they know exactly what they're doing and it's to help u.


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  • Well you're 16. Dating as a teenager isn't dating, it's finding someone to fool around with and confusing lust with love. Your parents know that, and want you to be older before you start dating, so that you're dating for the right reasons.

    tl;dr: You don't. Just deal with it because frankly a year or two is not that long.


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  • My mom said 16 but she gave in at 15. I'll allow my kids at 16 but hopefully they'll want to wait til 18 lol

  • Yes my parents allow me to date in the 10th grade, but they had to meet him which I was very nervous at first, but they love his personality. So try to let your parents understand that he is a nice guy and tell them how you feel about him.


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