How can I please a Russian guy?

I just start dating a Russian man. He is amazing!!! Caring, dominating, kind, funny... the list goes on. I want him to know I appreciate him. So what can I do to please him? Oh. He is far away from me now so its a long distance relationship.


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  • The same way to please any guy, go down on him/

    • I was expecting a guy to say that

    • I'm just trying to help a brother out ;)

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  • Wear a shirt with a communist symbol on it all the time, hang up pictures of Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin all over your house, sing the Soviet National Anthem every morning, and shout communist propaganda out of your car when your driving with him


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  • I dated a Russian man.. It was a disaster.. Controlling, sexist, intelligent and a sociopath

    • Oh my! Was he like this in the beginning? I hope mine doesn't turn out like that.

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    • From what I experienced, Russians aren't that intelligent

    • Average IQ's by race

      Black: 85
      Hispanic: 89
      White: 100
      Asian: 104
      Middle Eastern: 108

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