Should I just ask girls out (or, let's be real here, for sex) within five minutes of knowing them?

Hell, apparently that's better than actually getting to know the goddamned person. Shit, any form of intimacy beats none at all, even if it's just sex with some worthless girl I likely don't even remotely care about that I met yesterday or even earlier that day.


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  • 1.) That's probably going to leave you feeling empty (coincidentally like your username) or rather lonely because of the lack of personal connection.
    2.) Some people are great once you get to know them. And none of them are "worthless." I don't know what happened in the past, but don't let the past make you bitter about the future.
    3.) In 5 minutes, you don't really know what kind of person they are. Are they full of diseases from every man in the past? Are they the kind of person that will stalk you after sex? Are they the kind of person that would first lie about having diseases and then tell you after? Are they a psychopathic murderer?

    I suggest getting to know them.


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