Guys, help me with this guy?

so i go to this cafe all the time and i'm absolutely infatuated with one of the baristas. recently we've become a lot closer etc like he knows me really well and i stay there for hours at a time BUT he's 13 years older than me. he's pretty much told me that he really likes me and that QUOTE: "if you were older you know that i'd snap you up in 2 seconds". so my thing is, would it be unfair on both of us to advance this relationship considering the age difference? and also gimme some more tips on how to up my flirting haha I don't know thanks guys

also what do you usually consider tell tale signs of a guy liking you back?


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  • Nah idc about age or something so just give it a try... people are crazy and lions never worries about the opinions of sheeps
    So do what you want
    And live your life to the fullest
    But beware of loosers and never regret for anything you do so think before you do😊👌

  • Thirteen years is a very large age difference for a person under 18.

    It could be illegal, or at a minimum a really bad idea, for you to spend romantic time with a guy 13 years your senior, so I'm not going to help you up your flirting game. :)

    Be aware that the quote you included doesn't really sound like something a guy would say to indicate romantic interest, necessarily. It sounds more like it was meant to be humorous, in a racy way. To the extent he did mean it seriously, then "if you were older" is the operative phrase.


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