How should I go about hanging out with her?

I am trying to talk to this girl I have met at college, her and I live relatively close and are on our winter breaks currently. I have only talked with her a few times and am extremely attracted to her. My question is, how should I go about hanging out with her?

yea well I did get her number


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  • well it help if you say had a class with her cause it be just about guaranteed you could talk to her a bit there .

    but some other options exist like does she and you each belong to the college gym ? maybe you could work out when she was there and try and get to know her ?

    or say the library you could try and do some homework togther or sit beside her when she's at a computer and try and talk to her .

    or try and go to the same bar that she goes to , and obvivously try and talk to her there and maybe buy her a drink .

    of course with some of these options you have to be careful not to annoy her or come across as following her around . and you soon after seeing her at these places have to gauge her level of interest in you and decide if the whole thing is going anywhere and if the visits were successful . like if you talk to her a couple of times and she's not interested you'd be best to move along to a another girl