If a man goes back to his ex is it cos he loves her?

Are some men inclined to only stay with their partner out of comfortability?

Or was it because he was feeling lonely and scared of facing the future alone?

This is guy I know was 25 when he left his girlfriend of 4 years... A few weeks later he posted "I'm a mess" on facebook... His sister replied, "oh u will be ok... I know it's hard but just remember how u felt before?"

so what does that sound like to u?

He did go back to her... And it's been 3 years
Is he in love or not?


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  • He is use to her and all she is he knows because it was a long time so he has feelings for her even though it probably won't work since there is some reason he broke up before so he will see why soon enough, breaking up is so painful you would rather go back to them for awhile until its apparent why you left before


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