She told me she has a boyfriend and she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend?

This girl awlays flirted with me, she laughedm smiled, stared at me, touched me randomly, initiates convo. So i told her i like her and she has a boyfriend. She also said im 'not sure' if i like you more than a friend. I've taken it hard and tbh i find myself ignoring her now, our friendship is ruined. But could she actually be 'unsure'? or is she letting me down nicely? maybe she did like me and someone else got there and she likes him more, anyway what should i do? maybe she was just playing me?


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  • "I'm not sure..."
    I'm not convinced by that line.
    People are usually sure of their feelings.
    She doesn't know how to let you down... so she tried to soften her words so they don't offer you a blow. (She failed in that aspect because you took it hard regardless).

    Even if she DID like you... she's with another guy.
    Since, she hasn't left him for you... what did you expect to become out of your relationship?
    She enjoys the flirtation aspect with you... but she would not pursue anything further because she's with another guy.

    Nothing could come out of your relationship as long as she's with someone else.
    Did you really want to be second to someone else?
    Even if she shared mutual feelings for you... she wouldn't make you her priority because someone else is.

    You seem like a great guy.
    You can be in less complicated situations if you go after women that are attainable.
    Going after a woman that is off limits will only hurt you (as you can see).
    I think you accept the rejection and move on from it.
    You'll eventually find a girl who is on the page as you (relationship wise).

    • is it not possible that i took to long and didn't make a move and someone else did? i dont know if i can be friends with her because i feel like she was playing me! I was sooo shocked when she said she want sure, all that flirting she done with me, she is 18 aswell so she's immature

    • She can be immature.
      But her age is no excuse.
      But people are taught basic morals from very young ages (toddlers).
      She knows she stringing you along.
      I think you should look elsewhere.

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  • she wants you but has a boyfriend make her want you more
    and make a move


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  • Know this: you should not want anyone you can take from another person, or will leave a person for you. Why? Because they can easily give you the same treatment. Why would you even want a girl who so openly flirts and shows interest in you, knowing she has a bf? that's such a big red flag dude.

  • She might actually be unsure. If she is unsure, she'll eventually figure it out herself and if she goes back to you then you'll know she likes you. Until then, I probably wouldn't speak to her until she has it figured out.

  • Move on sorry

  • she could be genuinely confused?

  • She likes you

  • she's playing you!

  • Well whatever the reason are u never have to be a person's second choice or be like I dont if O like u waiting for them. I am guessing she did like or maybe was just leading u on but that was wrong cuz she has a boyfriend.


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