Did my drunk texts make me a bunny boiler? Will Have I runied it forever?

Okay so I’m still new to the world of Tinder/Texting and all the rest. I’m a picky swiper and I don’t just chat to loads of people. About two weeks ago I started talking to a guy. Really funny, really hot. For the first few days we chatted non-stop like from 9am till 2am. He wanted to do something like on day two and seemed quite keen. I was busy so couldn’t. We carried on talking and I was going to a wedding up north that weekend. We chatted on the phone over the weekend, the texts did slow down a bit but there was still loads of good banter, jokes etc. I suggested doing something on Monday. All Sunday I didn’t hear anything apart from one text in response to a pic. Monday nothing. Tuesday he got in touch and we talked normally all day and he asked if he could see me that night. I said I was busy but free the next day. He said he probably couldn’t as he was working. We talked all that night and all Wednesday but he couldn’t come round he said. Thursday the conversation was shorter and less so I didn’t really reply or initiated. Friday he text I was out so a bit tipsy we talked on the phone that night but Lord only knows about what. Saturday I just text to say I felt sick and he just replied saying Haha. Sunday was carnival – again I was tipsy. I stupidly text drunk – I asked if he wanted to come round, he said no he was out early the next day (He was taking part in carnival the next day). I send a few more texts – he replied but said he could tell I was drunk and enjoy my night he was going to sleep. Wait it gets worse! Monday I thought I saw him at carnival so text. No reply. THEN I text again, I’d lost my mates and was asking where he was. So I KNOW drunk texting is wrong and stupid and my male friends say he probably thinks I’m either a drunk, psycho or a bunny boiler! But here’s the question, due to absolute lack of decent men I’ve come across this week I don’t want to give up on this one. It’s Friday and I haven’t messaged and neither has he. Is this one gone forever? Should I message a cheeky apology or will that look weirder after nearly a week? Should I just write it off and never take my phone out again! Sorry I’m new to all this and learning lessons the hard way. Please Help! No matter how brutal the advice!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • You've probably blown your chances. I once had a girl who I was texting up a storm with, we were getting along like a house on fire, completely throw it away by drunk texting me and getting all weird at me. I even told her to stop, that she was drunk and she should just relax and enjoy her night and I'd talk to her in the morning. She persisted, getting weirder and weirder until I said I was going to bed (which I was trying to) and turned my phone off. I never heard from her again.

    Write it off as a learning experience, and just use some restraint next time you've got your drink on and your phone out.

    • Thanks Hun
      Can I ask did you ever want to hear from her again? Did you want to contact her again? X

    • I'm not sure. Probably not. She was airing her issues while insisting she was in the right frame of mind (all drunks say that) to someone she hadn't even met yet who was trying make her stop for her own sake.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Added to the super needy texting is the fact you were drunk several times in a week, week and a half. When he said he could tell you were drunk and get some sleep, he was sort of showing disapproval. A lack of contact for this long indicates he has moved on.

    You can't save over-texting with more texting. I'd just wait and see if he contacts you again; if not, lesson learned and move on.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't give up, but another text will not help. This calls for a long talk, about how stupid you were and an apology. A breezy text will only add to it, this calls for a phone call, and a heartfelt sorry. Anything else will be just brushed of..


What Girls Said 2

  • What is a bunny boiler?

  • Just apologize lol.


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